Effortless soil remediation

Contaminated soil is a global problem for the environment, landfill sites and property owners. Conventionally, contaminated soil is transported to a landfill site, where it’s used as filling material. After disposing the contaminated soil, new soil has to be brought in. This strains the environment and requires lots of resources from property owners as transporting the soil to a nearest landfill site might require thousands of truck loads and driving hundreds of kilometers.

This process is usually expensive, time-consuming and getting harder every year. Landfill sites are filling up, and ever fewer of them are able to take more contaminated soil in. The whole process is a huge burden for both the environment and landowners: EU is tightening its policies and within a few years, disposing the soil at landfill sites will be forbidden by new legislations. The need for other alternatives is urgent.

Cost-efficient, fast and ecological soil remediation solution

REMSOIL® method is a cost-efficient and natural way to reduce the contaminant content in soil. It’s up to three times faster than conventional soil remediation methods – REMSOIL® takes usually only from a couple of months to six months, depending on the contaminants and the minimum target levels defined by authorities.

When the soil analysis is ready and you have received the results, contact us. We’ll examine your situation, make you an offer and help you through the process of acquiring the necessary permissions and licenses from regional authorities. We’ll excavate the contaminated soil and mix the organic REMSOIL® remediation additive in. We’ll take soil samples on a regular basis to make sure that the microbes have optimal conditions and the remediation process is proceeding at the right pace.

When the target levels are reached, the work is finished. If the processed soil wasn’t returned to its original place in the beginning of the process, we’ll move the soil back on your behalf.

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