Finnish biotechnology company

Remsoil Oy is a Finnish biotechnology company founded in 2018. The company is part of Honkajoki Group, which specializes in animal by-product recycling for companies working in a variety of industries.

The main product of Remsoil Oy is REMSOIL® – a bioremediation additive that’s made of organic by-products of Finnish agriculture. When mixed in with contaminated soil, it accelerates the soil’s own microbial activity and enhances natural degradation of contaminants.

Based on an excessive academic research

Remsoil started as a research study at the University of Helsinki. The aim of the study was to study the use of abattoir by-products in the remediation of contaminated soil. TEKES (The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) granted the research TUTLI funding, which is granted for research studies aiming to develop a new business. Remsoil as a company was founded after two years of comprehensive academic research.

Biological soil remediation method

REMSOIL® is a 100 % natural soil bioremediation method that treats the contaminated soil on-site, removing the need to spend resources on moving the soil to be treated elsewhere. The method enhances the activity of microbes and maintains the process optimized throughout the whole treatment period. REMSOIL® method speeds up the remediation process and is remarkably cheaper and faster than conventional soil remediation methods.

Experienced team of experts

REMSOIL® team consists of experienced biotechnology and business experts. PhD Ville Selonen, how worked with the REMSOIL® study as the Project Leader, is in charge of product development and research. He specialized in environmental ecology and ecological assessment in his studies. The CEO of REMSOIL® is Jan Hainari-Maula, who has a wide knowledge and experience of international business development. He’s a master of Science in Technology, specializing in chemical engineering and industrial economics.

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